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0.01% or 20 Rs, whichever is lower for FnO, and Intraday trades


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I began working with Roshan a few months back,and the journey has been tremendous. He is patient and calm in even adverse market conditions. He methodically explains the nuances and logically deconstructs market situations. It has been a pleasure working with him and his practical knowledge of everyday market movements is something we all as a group admire and love learning. His predictions on the Nifty are almost always spot on and he sometimes analysis the index with just the numbers in front of him. The back end work and effort he puts in to bringing up the whole system is respectable. I wish to work with him for years to come in the future.

I’ve known Roshan for a fair amount of time now but gotten to really know him well over the past couple of months. From being a novice to the point of even being ignorant about the stock market, I’ve transformed myself enough to hold my ground now. All credit goes to Roshan for bringing out the interest in me. I can safely say that he is literally a human computer. His vast knowledge and the drive to keep learning every day makes him extremely dependable. Even though he’s swamped with helping out everybody, he does not lose his cool and he literally handles every portfolio like it is his own. I’m privileged to be a part of the Investantra family and I can only sense great things to come. All the best!